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For Whose Majesty (formerly Long Live the Emperor) is an interactive-fiction set in a fictional world inspired by ancient China during the Warring States period and some folklore in other eras. You move through the narrative as an agent of the (fictitious) Heng Emperor, who is losing influence over the kingdom as three vassal lords gain power over the years. Would you serve the Emperor loyally and help him re-establish imperial control? Or would you help someone else take the throne, perhaps even for yourself?

💀 CONTENT WARNINGS (sfw, but for ages 18+) 💀

violence inflicted on people and animals, potential suicide(s), misgendering, bodily functions such as bleeding or vomiting, psychological trauma, mental illness, topic of sex or sexual situations (non-graphical in description) in later chapters... (See longer list in the opening screen.)

✗ This Story Is NOT

power fantasy, dating sim, erotica, D&D, open world sandbox, resource management, a game with winning condition(s), a novel where you see everything in one read-through...

✓ What To Expect

Limited Customization (MC is Chinese)
  • The Main Character (and the main narrator) is a 26-year-old Chinese warrior. You can type in a self-chosen "courtesy name" (the story assumes it will be a Chinese name regardless), but otherwise both clan and birth names are in Chinese.
  • The MC can be masculine or feminine presenting, with or without introspection on the subject of gender (the general public will "judge a book by its cover").
  • No customization of looks/weapon/fighting style, etc.
  • All other characters have set gender and sexual orientation.
LGBTQ+ Content
  • Modern day terminologies regarding gender and sexuality will not be used in the story. Characters still deal with the complexities (limited by the author's understanding), just without the precise language for discussion.
  • Gender-neutral pronoun "they" will not be used to its full intent in the LGBTQ+ context, only as an effect of the English language to signal uncertainty.
Genre (low fantasy wuxia)
  • Choose-Your-Own-Adventure low fantasy wuxia where every ending is valid (unless there is coding error).
  • Some fantastical elements might break your immersion, or at least require more suspension of disbelief. I'll try to keep those to a minimum.
Limited Roleplaying
  • The MC can make inconsistent choices, but the momentum of past choices may still lock out some options. Hints next to selectable options do not mean they are the "correct" option to a situation. Choose what makes sense to your MC.
  • The MC will often act or think WITHOUT your input.
  • The MC can be "lawful evil." Overturning the status quo takes time.
  • You cannot do a "pacifist run," but you can minimize harm.
  • A timid MC is difficult or impossible to portray in this story, but they can have a reserved quality.
Romance/Sexual Content (both optional)
  • Romance is optional. In some read-throughs it might even be impossible to get the romance narrative you want.
  • Sexual intimacy is optional. This subject matter can be minimized with a choice in chapter 6, 7, or 9, and tame/safe-for-work even if not minimized (you will be disappointed if this is the only content you are looking for here).
  • Building any relationship with a character will be a slow-burn process, and they each have their personal boundaries that you can only push to a certain extent.
  • No soulmate trope in this story.
Culture-relevant Notes
  • In spoken modern-day Mandarin Chinese, pronouns "he" and "she" sound the same. In fact, there was no distinct word for "she" until linguists needed a way to translate the English (bible) word for "she". Ancient Chinese language was more terse and vague, usually does not distinguish between masculine or feminine references unless necessary for disambiguation.
  • There are so much bowing and saluting because etiquette is a huge deal (like its own form of religious practice to be good, whether to promote the innate goodness or to diminish the innate evilness) especially when rule of law was not in dominance; no handshakes, no cheek-kissing, just saluting
  • wuxia stories
  • Sword of Xuan Yuan 2: Dance of the Maple Leaves
  • BioWare games (maybe?)
  • Three Kingdoms re-interpretation The Ravages of Time by Chen
  • ChoiceScript games like Wayhaven Chronicles by Mishka Jenkins, Diaspora by Vince Cunningham and Jess Addison
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