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A violent robbery left behind a broken caravan, a scattering of valuables, and unmoving bodies, blocking the road ahead. The four stop to scan the area, bracing for a possible trap. What awaits them behind boulders and bushes, and in broad day light no less?

Will Xin (pronounced like "shin") survive an attack while shackled inside a caged wagon?

Will Dao the Constable upkeep the law?

Will Yu lead the escort through any attempt to end the mission before it reaches the execution ground?

And will Gong the mercenary help or hinder them?


The Escort is a collaborative storytelling game for 1 GM/facilitator and 4 players. A four hour one-shot should skip most of the middle of the journey. Otherwise I think it can be played for about 4~5 sessions of 3 hours each.

This is a wuxia-themed hack of John Harper's Lady Blackbird tabletop RPG (updated to match its 2019 edition). It has not been playtested.


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