Unfortunately I cannot make this code collection friendly to absolute beginners. But hopefully the updated code is at least more useful to those with some familiarity with ChoiceScript, SugarCube, and maybe Javascript in general.

Since the latest upgrade of Twine desktop app and webapp, I have not been able to use them as easily as before, either running into issue of the app not changing default format to SugarCube or crashing. So I'm only preparing a version of code based on my workflow that relies on Tweego compiler to generate the final index.html. Please note that I purposely removed the IFID value in the storydata.tw file. The compiler will generate/suggest another value when you first try to compile this code collection.

I recommend VSCode if only for Cyrus Firheir's Twee 3 Language Tools extension for that editor. VSCode also has extensions available for ChoiceScript (by Stephen Grenade) and Ink. In addition, there is the option to "Open In Integrated Terminal" to have a built-in command line access to use windows batch file or other compiling scripts. But you are of course free to use other editors that have support for those languages and/or are easier for your workflow.

Recommended proofing formats (illume for word-counting, and dotgraph for flow-diagram) are included in the "storyformats_fortweego.zip" file.

I learned so much over two years of writing a project in SugarCube (as well as recently finishing converting a ChoiceScript project over to SC), and received a lot of active and passive support from SC veterans on the Twine discord server. Thank you.

Relevant links:

See a (no commentary) visual guide of the basics of setting up Tweego
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Keeping an eye on this one. :)


thanks for sharing this!


Thanks! Let me know if there’s any issue in making it work for you.